SCRUM DIDDLY Terms and Conditions

All Cakes made by Michelle Walker and SCRUM DIDDLY are subject to the following terms and conditions:

All of our cakes contain eggs, milk / dairy products, cerials containing gluten (including wheat / oates / barley), soya and sulphur dioxide / sulphites.  The cakes are made in premises in which nuts (both tree nuts and peanuts) are used, every effort is taken to keep ingredients separate however all cakes may contain traces of nuts or nut oil (both tree nuts and peanuts).

All our fruit, chocolate and carrot cakes contain nuts, or traces of nuts or nut oil (tree nuts and peanuts)  – please let me know if you require a chocolate, fruit or carrot cake without nuts (in writing) – however it is important to remember that the cake will still be made on a premises in which nuts (tree nuts and peanuts) are used.

It is not possible to make a gluten free cake on our premises as we use products containing gluten in our kitchen.  Should a written request be made in writing for a cake without gluten, every reasonable effort will be taken to make the cake with gluten free ingredients, however it may still contain traces of gluten and will not be classed as gluten-free. Depending on the flavour of cake you choose there may be additional allergens to those listed above – should you require a cake without a specific allergen the request should be made in writing to Michelle Walker / SCRUM DIDDLY.  Should we be able to make a cake to your request it will be confirmed in writing in reply.

A full list of allergens will be provided for each cake purchased. SCRUM DIDDLY will also provide you with a full list of all non-edible parts/ inserts into the cake (e.g. sugar flowers and leaves, cake dowels, flower picks).

Sponge cakes, are made to be eaten on the day of the celebration – however they normally keep fresh for approximately 3 days from the date of delivery if kept unopened and stored somewhere cool and dry (see notes on storage below).

Fresh Flowers on Cakes.

Should you decide to use fresh flowers on your wedding cake, you would have to accept responsibility for any accident / illness or injury as a result of using the flowers on the cake.  SCRUM DIDDLY would not accept any responsibility for their use as we would have no control over whether they were toxic / harmful to health, whether they had been treated with pesticides, whether they had been handled hygienically.

It would be your responsibility to ensure that any flowers and/or foliage supplied were non-toxic / non-irritant / not harmful to health.


Sugar paste (the soft icing covering the cake) is not designed to be refrigerated and as such cakes with this icing should be stored in a cool dry place, preferably in the box they were supplied in, refrigeration may cause colours to run.


We prefer three months notice on wedding cakes however we will accept short notice cakes subject to the availability of the date required.

Any cake ordered from a picture or photo of a cake produced by any other cake maker, can only be reproduced by SCRUM DIDDLY  as our interpretation of that cake and will not be an exact reproduction of the cake in the picture or photo.

Deposits – securing a date / placement of order:

To secure a date we require a £125 deposit for a wedding cake and £50 for other celebration cakes, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note that of the 17th March 2020 the deposit for securing a date for a wedding cake will rise to £150, and £75 for other celebration cakes, deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Final Balance Payments:

The final balance for a wedding cake is due 1 month prior to the date of the wedding. Deposits are non refundable and non-transferable. Failure to settle any outstanding balance within this timeframe will incur accrued interest on the principal debt, based on ‘reference rate’ of the Bank of England plus 8%. Failure to settle any outstanding balance by 1 month prior to the date of the wedding may also result in your cake not being made; failure to pay the balance by 21 days before the wedding will result in your cake not being made – the full balance will still be owed.

The final balance for other cakes is due upon delivery / collection.  The cake will not be handed over unless full payment has been received.

Cancellation / Changes to your order:

Any changes to your order are by negotiation and must be agreed in writing by SCRUM DIDDLY.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable . Full payment of the cake balance* is required if cancellation is within 1 month of the wedding date, 50% of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 3 to 1 months of the wedding date; and 25% of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 6 to 3 months before the wedding.  Wedding cakes can only be cancelled by written confirmation from the principal parties of the wedding (ie bride(s) or groom(s)). Confirmation of cancellation in writing will be sent by SCRUM DIDDLY to the principal parties, along with the details of any outstanding balance to be paid.  Any outstanding balance should be paid within 30 days of cancellation – failure to settle any outstanding balance within this timeframe will incur accrue interest on the principal debt, based on ‘reference rate’ of the Bank of England plus 8%.

*If a final size / design / tiers of cake has not been confirmed in writing, on cancellation the balance payable will be on an average of those options priced up.


Please note cakes with sponge tiers may not be completed until the day prior to/or of the celebration to ensure the cakes are as fresh as possible, so please prearrange viewings of any wedding cakes ordered.  No liability will be taken by the company for any omissions or errors on wedding cakes if they are not viewed by the bride prior to the wedding.

Delivering / Setting the Cake Up at the Venue / Collection of Cakes:

Cakes will be taken to and set up subject to availability; any arrangements for delivery may be subject to change, however prior notice will be given where possible.

Cakes are to be collected from our premises at a prearranged time and date only. Should you decide to collect your cake from us it will be assembled and packaged in a cake box (please note that the cardboard box is thin and will not prevent damage from anything pressing or falling into it). SCRUM DIDDLY can not accept responsibility for anything which happens to the cake one it has left our premises.


From time to time our designs are published in national wedding cake magazines and other publications, we reserve the right to use any image of a cake made by SCRUM DIDDLY for publication at a later date.

Return of Hired Equipment:

All hired equipment must be returned within 3 days of the wedding date (unless alternative arrangements have been agreed prior to wedding) or extra charges may be levied to cover further hire costs up to a period of 5 days from the wedding.  Failure to return hired equipment after 5 days of the wedding will result in full loss of the deposit taken.

Any costs to repair/replace damage to hired equipment will deducted from deposits paid.

What Happens Now?

Booking-in will only occur on receipt of your deposit by SCRUM DIDDLY.  After you have booked your wedding cake, what can you expect between now and your big day?

What SCRUM DIDDLY will do:

At the time of booking we enter your wedding details into the company diary and work timetable.  We will send you confirmation of receipt of your deposit and booking in of the date of your wedding.

3 Months before your wedding:

  • Arrange any fruit cakes required for your wedding cake
  • Source out any ribbon colours, decorations or unusual items required for your cake
  • If you haven’t been for a tasting and design session we will arrange this with you.
  • Arrange any stands/cake knives required

1 to 2 month before your wedding:

  • Contact you to check details for the wedding have not changed since making the booking / check you are happy with the design.
  • Confirm balance outstanding and when payment is required
  • Confirm delivery time and place with you
  • Begin the decorations for the cake

1 week before your wedding:

  • Contact your venue to confirm delivery and set up details with them or confirm collection details with you
  • Complete cake final details
  • Keep us informed of any changes and amendments to your details as soon as they happen, in writing is preferred

1 day before your wedding/Day of your wedding:

Deliver and set up cake (if arranged)